A programming language for IoT device.

DeepLang talk on Open Source Development Tools Conference (OSDT2020)

Our core member, Wenzhang Yang will give a talk of DeepLang on Open Source Development Tools 2020 on 05 Dec 2020.

Open Source Development Tools (OSDT Conf), previously known as HelloGCC Workshop will be held online this Weekends (05 - 06 Dec). On the first day, we will have our core member, Wenzhang to give a talk about our new language, DeepLang.

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Key words:DeepLang, IoT, Programming Language

Title: IoT oriented programming language —— DeepLang

Time: 2020-12-05 11:00-11:30 ((UTC+08:00)Beijing)

Venue: Live, or via registration

Talk Files

Feel free to contact us via email if you are interested!