A programming language for IoT device.

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Deeplang team is composed of students from ZJU & USTC. Deeplang is a light Interpreted programming language for IoT device.

Deeplang CCB: Core Team.

Deeplang Repo: GitHub.

Deeplang Wiki: Wiki.

Deeplang Features:

We are designing a light language virtual machine named Deepvm. Deepvm is to support IoT chips include ESP32, HI3861, Loongson 1C0300B.

Deepvm Features:

The code are hosted here.

If you would like to know more about us, please email Eric, Joey or Thomas.


Fibonacci sequence codes (fib.dp) as follow:

fun fib(i : i32) -> i32 {
    if i == 0{
        return 0;
    }else if i == 1{
        return 1;
    }else {
        return fib(i - 1) + fib(i - 2);

fun main() -> () {
    let res : i32 = fib(10);